Don't Get Stranded Out On The Road

Don't Get Stranded Out On The Road

Come In For Belts & Hoses Repair in Owensboro, KY

Belts and hoses have the shortest lifespan when it comes to the equipment in your vehicle. These short life spans lead these parts to crack, leak, and fray due to their exposure to high heat, extreme cold, constant vibration, and exposure to harmful chemicals.

If not properly inspected and maintained, it can cause your vehicle to come to a complete halt! At Ohio Valley Transmission we ensure to provide constant check ups of belts and hoses. We look for the following:

  • Searching for clear indications of cracking, fraying, softening, peeling, or leaks
  • Testing for correct tension
  • Ensuring¬†the correct alignment


Check Your Hoses & Belts Frequently

Ensuring you get your belts and hoses checked frequently can be the difference between a smooth running car and causing serious damage! You can check yourself my visually seeing if you your equipment looks damaged. If you have any doubts, just bring it to our Owensboro, KY location so we can take a look for you!

Our expert team is dedicated to giving you the service you need! Call today to make an appointment or simply just walk in. We look forward to seeing you and getting you back on the road.