Don't Let The Check Engine Light Scare You!

Don't Let The Check Engine Light Scare You!

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No one is a fan of the check engine light. If you are seeing this light in your car, ensure you address it sooner rather than later! Having the check engine light on cause serious long term problems in your car that could sideline you for days and end up costing much more!

If you find yourself on the road and the check engine light comes on you should do a self diagnosis to ensure it is nothing serious! Take a look at your dashboard to ensure fluid levels are normal, ensure gauges for temperature are normal, and if any other lights illuminate. If any of those indicators present something abnormal, pull over as soon as possible in a safe location and shut off the engine!

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Top 5 Reasons Your Check Engine Light Comes On!

1. Your Gas Cap Is Loose Or Damaged: Sometimes it can be something as simple as need a replacement on your gas cap to ensure that pressure is maintained in your tank! Not replacing this can lead to loss of fuel through evaporation which costs you more fuel!

2. Catalytic Converter Needs Replacement: The catalytic converter is an essential piece in your vehicle that helps the environment by converting harmful fumes into a safe form! Having a faulty catalytic converter can lead to a fail in emission test and lower fuel economy.

3. Oxygen Sensor Needs Replacing: This sensors takes a look at the amount of unburned oxygen in the vehicle's system. Having a faulty sensor can lead to ineffective use of fuel.

4. Spark Plugs: The spark plugs power the air & fuel mixture in the vehicle. Having faulty spark plugs can lead to under-performance in engine power and reduced fuel economy.

5. Mass Airflow Sensor: This sensor takes a look at how much air is entering your vehicle's engine which in turn helps decide how much fuel is needed to run the vehicle. A faulty sensor can lead to reduced vehicle performance and damage to other portions of the vehicle.